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We don’t build projects alone.

Strong relationships with skilled trade partners are crucial to the success of our work.

Ready to Build Together?

Frampton Construction uses TradeTapp and BuildingConnected to prequalify and manage our trade partner selection process. Our goal is to partner with companies who share our collaborative spirit and possess superior safety and financial track records. Frampton’s procurement process is focused on integrity and equality to all participants.



If you are interested in becoming prequalified with Frampton, click "Get Started" below to request an email invitation to TradeTapp. Upon invite receipt, you are required to set up accounts for both TradeTapp and BuildingConnected. Please make sure the company and contact information is accurate and consistent between both platforms. If your company has a TradeTapp and/or BuildingConnected account already, you can skip setup and login using your existing credentials.

In order to complete our prequalification process, you are required to provide:

  • Completed project references
  • Current insurance certificate
  • Current letter from bonding company
  • Current W9 form (company name must match your company name in TradeTapp)
  • Current safety manual
  • Audited/Reviewed Financials for the past three years
  • OSHA 300/300A logs for the past three years
  • EMR for the past three years
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Floor Plans

Project Pricing Process

Frampton Construction uses BuildingConnected to extend project pricing opportunities to qualified trade partners and to manage pricing submissions once they’re received. Invitations to submit pricing on Frampton projects will be sent via email directly from BuildingConnected. All documents are also sent through BuildingConnected, including drawings, specifications, RFI responses, bid addendums, etc.

BuildingConnected provides an electronic pricing form that is project and trade specific. Frampton requires all subcontractors to submit their proposals and responses to the pricing form through BuildingConnected.

Project Pricing Process

Site Safety Orientation

Every person entering a Frampton jobsite to either work or visit is required to complete our site safety orientation.

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