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Future First

Building a Safer Tomorrow

At Frampton, family is at the root of everything we do. We’re a family-owned company, and we care deeply about our people and their loved ones. That’s why we’ve made a pledge to ensure everyone who sets foot on a jobsite, from team members to trade partners to visitors, returns home safely to their families every single day.

Forged from experience accrued across 28 years and hundreds of safely executed projects, our Future First safety program is designed to prevent workplace incidents, injuries, and illnesses. Our goal: zero incidents, zero accidents.

By making commitments today, we’re building a safer tomorrow.

Future First, A Safer Tomorrow

A Culture Of Safety

At Frampton Construction, safety is not optional. We’ve created a strong culture of safety in our offices and on our jobsites through practices like toolbox talks, safety stand-downs, and safety recognition luncheons. Most of all, our team members do not look the other way. Every employee, regardless of position or tenure, is empowered to stop work until a safety issue is resolved.

Training Standards

Frampton’s field personnel are certified in First Aid, CPR and 30-hour OSHA training. Additionally, all of our superintendents are Procore Safety Qualified and have completed Fall Protection Awareness Training. Beyond these standards, our team members regularly participate in additional training to prepare for project-specific challenges.

Toolbox Safety Talks

Safety starts with communication. Every Tuesday, work on all of our jobsites begins with a toolbox safety talk. This is a time when our team discusses a fundamental element of workplace safety and covers the tasks and challenges ahead for that week.

Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

EMR is a construction safety metric used by the insurance industry to measure workers compensation risk. Anything lower than the industry average of 1.0 is considered exceptional. At Frampton, we’re proud to consistently maintain an EMR well below the national average and in the industry superior range.

A Proactive Approach

We're staying one step ahead by identifying potential risks before they become a problem.

Custom Safety Measures AHA CPR Training OSHA VPP Participant Safety Audits

Custom Safety Measures

Every job has its own unique set of challenges. Practices like site-specific safety training, pre-task analysis, and Procore trend tracking help our team anticipate and avoid hazards.

AHA CPR Training

Construction industry workers are disproportionately affected by major risk factors for heart disease and stroke, so we’ve partnered with the American Heart Association to offer CPR training to our team members.

OSHA VPP Participant

We participate in OSHAs Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP), which promotes effective worksite-based safety and health through rigorous inspections of our jobsites.

Safety Audits

We’ve invited our insurance provider to carry out quarterly safety audits. These help us stay ahead of the game in reducing risk.

Leading By Example

When it comes to constructing a culture of safety, our team members know how to walk the walk. Hear from a few of them below

Sofie Collins

Safety Manager

What is your safety background?

I have over 30 years of experience in occupational health and safety. I’m a board-Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Texas A&M University. I’m passionate about engaging with my fellow team members to create a collaborative culture of safety that goes beyond compliance.

How can you be reached for any safety related inquiries?

My phone number is (803) 530-2370 and my email is [email protected]

Alex Milford

Project Manager

What does safety mean to you?

"Safety means taking responsibility for sending everyone on your project home safe at the end of each day. At Frampton, we build lasting relationships onsite and truly care about each tradesman and their family."

How do you walk the walk when it comes to job site safety?

"When I walk a project, I like to ask trade partners about their tasks so they can walk me through what they do to make sure they are being safe. It makes them take time to think through what they’re doing, and they get to teach me at the same time."

What's your top safety goal in 2023?

"My goal was to win a Frampton monthly safety award and score a 100% on our voluntary OSHA inspection which we accomplished in April."

David Oliphant

Senior Superintendent

What does safety mean to you?

“We all look at risk a little differently based on our own perspective, but the one thing that never changes is that we only get the body we have. As the General Contractor, we have a responsibility to look at safety from the individual perspective and what is best for their well-being."

How do you walk the walk when it comes to job site safety?

“You can’t ask anyone to do anything you won’t or don’t do yourself.”

What's your top safety goal in 2021?

"Zero Safety Incidents."

James Becherer


What does safety mean to you?

“Safety is arguably the most important aspect of our jobs as general contractors. Construction is inherently dangerous. It is our job to be that extra set of eyes for those that put in the hard work day after day and to educate them on what they can do to better their workplace safety practices.”

How do you walk the walk when it comes to job site safety?

“It is all about leading by example. The easiest example is to ensure I am wearing ALL of my PPE at all times.”

What's your top safety goal in 2023?

“My top safety goal is to go 2 years in a row without an accident or recordable.”

"In our industry, it’s imperative to look at everything through a lens of safety. Safety is something we will never take for granted and never sacrifice."

Chad Frampton President