Brian Carter

Brian Carter

Originally from Columbia, S.C., Brian is a loving husband and father to four children. He enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing and coaching little league sports in his spare time.

Why did you choose to enter the construction industry?
I was always intrigued by taking a piece of land with nothing on it and building something that people use every day. Also, my family was in construction so I was always watching and learning from them while growing up.

Tell us something interesting about yourself
I have a small jar of dirt from every project I have done, that are labeled with the project name and where it was.

What is something you’d still like to achieve?
I would like to get into a position to teach the next generation of builders what I’ve learned over the years.

A Career with Frampton



Choosing a career path and company is an important decision in a person’s life. At Frampton, you’ll find a dedicated team of professionals who take pride in building strong relationships with each other and with clients, while providing the highest quality of service. Our team members work hard and enjoy what they do.

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Frampton Construction is actively participating in campus recruitment around the Southeast. We encourage students and/or faculty members to invite us to college training sessions where we can provide current, real-time construction information to students. Keep an eye out for us at your next career fair.

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What Customers are saying

The property looked great! The masses at the grand opening loved the hotel, and all the InterMountain operations team, sales and regionals, thought Frampton Construction did a great job with the hotel. Marriott was proud of the TPS in Lakeland.

Dave Raymond, Director of Construction
InterMountain Management, LLC

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