Beck Small

Beck Small

Beck Small is from Charlotte, N.C. and has a wife, Nancy, and two sons, Chris and Matt. He has a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Management certification (USACCE CQM) and has facilitated Six Sigma “Quality Improvement Process” courses around the country In his free, time, Beck enjoys fishing, sailing, and mountain-biking.

What was your first construction project?

Growing up with a father that was an electrical engineer and a do-it-yourselfer, my first construction project was a cabin on our property at Lake Wylie. What I enjoyed the most about this first project was the feeling of accomplishment and of a job well done.

Who inspires you?

People that inspire me are those that overcome personal obstacles to achieve their dreams. The example these individuals display keep me in awe of their commitment to living life to the fullest regardless of any setbacks.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement professionally is receiving recognition from Rod Leaver, Executive Officer for Lendlease Asia, for our quality program at two Air Force bases in Colorado. Consequently, I was invited to spend a week in Singapore reviewing quality techniques to the group from China, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.



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Triad Design Group has worked with Frampton Construction on a number of projects during the past few years. We enjoy a mutually successful, collaborative relationship which is imperative during a design build process.  Frampton Construction is a great company with respectful, hardworking team member who appreciates the specific roles of everyone involved in the project.

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