Katherine Panke

Katherine Panke

Born and raised in Arlington, Virginia as the middle child of three girls, Katherine headed south to Charleston in the Spring of 2017 to join her two sisters on James Island. In her spare time, Katherine loves to cook, decorate her home, and play soccer.

Why did you choose the construction industry?

I fell into it professionally, but since my dad is a residential general contractor I grew up learning about construction (and cleaning job sites for extra cash). I have a great appreciation for the field itself and for those in the industry.

Who inspires you?

Joanna Gaines, from the show Fixer Upper on HGTV. I admire how she balances a TV show, multiple businesses, a farm, and a big family with grace, style, and a sense of humor.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

My first word(s) were “thank you.” I must be a southerner at heart!

What is your favorite part of a construction project?

The end result! I love seeing the finished product and the culmination of a lot of hard work.

A Career with Frampton



Choosing a career path and company is an important decision in a person’s life. At Frampton, you’ll find a dedicated team of professionals who take pride in building strong relationships with each other and with clients, while providing the highest quality of service. Our team members work hard and enjoy what they do.

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Frampton Construction is actively participating in campus recruitment around the Southeast. We encourage students and/or faculty members to invite us to college training sessions where we can provide current, real-time construction information to students. Keep an eye out for us at your next career fair.

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What Customers are saying

From the beginning of our relationship with Frampton, their employees, from senior management to "the guys in the field," have performed with timeliness and quality. Even in the proposal process, when we asked for dates, times, numbers, photos, and all the rest, they were provided on schedule and were of tip-top quality. Our project with them has called for some intense budget scrutiny, and Frampton has been our partner in that effort. It is always a pleasure to be able to endorse or recommend a firm that provides a solid performance, consistent communication as well as being a joy to work with. In the case of Frampton Construction, all three apply. 

Jeannine Dodson, General Manager
Adams Outdoor Advertising - Charlotte

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