Frampton APPS- Applications for Professional and Project Solutions

Applications for Performance and Project Solutions

APPS are always evolving and adapting. Each of our team member are part of an initiative whose purpose is to identify the challenges in our industry, community, and office and collaboratively develop strategies to effect change in those areas.


Jobsite Safety: This initiative remains at our core by continual acknowledgment that construction accidents are reduced through knowledge, preparation, and execution of safe construction practices on every job site.

  • Onsite training for all trade personnel
  • Daily site inspections
  • Safety Orientation for all personnel before granting permission on site

Frampton Edu

Training: The training initiative is to communicate our standards, expectations, and provide accountability to establish the “Frampton Way”. Training is essential to the achievements of a business and each individual’s career growth. Improving employee skills is not only about improving skills related to their specific field, but also improving skills related to the interpersonal and communication

  • Construction Insurance
  • Subontract Basics
  • Water Intrusion and Building Envelope


Procore: The Procore initiative is to communicate the efficiencies, standards, and customization within our construction management software. The team members will meet to discuss best practices, lessons learned, and ultimately decide on custom forms. These standards will then be released to the company and documented through the internal training process.

Paperless Document Management: Our goal is to seek ways to electronically automate traditional labor-intensive, paper-based processes to achieve maximum efficiency while seeking approval and routing documents.

  • Electronically sending an receiving subcontracts and change orders.
  • Paperless Accounts Payable flow.


Social Media: Frampton Construction believes that social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) allows us to grow relationships with your clients at minimal cost. Social media works as an avenue to expand our audience and find new customers for our business.


The purpose of this initiative is to provide a smooth and consistent transition from Preconstruction to Operations; clearly transferring all relevant information, subcontractor quotes, and drawings. Secondly, the close-out process should be a positive tool to return feedback back to Preconstruction, noting minor items of concern.


Modular Construction: Pursuant to a client request, Frampton Construction is exploring the U.S. modular technology sector as an alternative to multi-unit site build construction. Factors of our due diligence include: speed to market; budget certainty in otherwise volatile and unpredictable markets; consistent and improved quality; sustainable construction; and reduced risk.


Community Service: The goal of our community based Initiative is to recognize the needs of others and use our abilities to positively affect their lives. “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another” 1 Peter 4:10

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Choosing a career path and company is an important decision in a person’s life. At Frampton, you’ll find a dedicated team of professionals who take pride in building strong relationships with each other and with clients, while providing the highest quality of service. Our team members work hard and enjoy what they do.

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Frampton Construction is actively participating in campus recruitment around the Southeast. We encourage students and/or faculty members to invite us to college training sessions where we can provide current, real-time construction information to students. Keep an eye out for us at your next career fair.

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It has been an absolute pleasure working with Frampton and we could not be more happy with the service and finished product.  Absolutely fantastic experience.

Mark W. Neumeyer, President

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